COVID-19 Data Dashboard updated with exit survey results

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The CLSA COVID-19 Data Dashboard has been updated with key findings from the exit survey of the COVID-19 Questionnaire Study. Click here to access the results.

Launched April 15, 2020, the CLSA COVID-19 Questionnaire Study collected data from 28,559 CLSA participants. The CLSA COVID-19 Questionnaire Study collected data from participants on a weekly/biweekly and monthly basis to understand the epidemiology of COVID-19 among older adults living in Canada. This data includes information on COVID-19 symptoms and status, risk factors, healthcare use, health behaviours, psychosocial and economic consequence of the pandemic.

All CLSA questionnaires, including those used for the CLSA COVID-19 Studies, can be found under the Data Collection section of the CLSA website.

To access the CLSA COVID-19 Questionnaire Study data, all applicants must follow the Data Access Application Process and submit a new Data Access Application by the regular CLSA submission deadlines.