CLSA Videos

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Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging - Overview
CLSA Telephone Interviews

For more information on the telephone interview process, please see the participants section.

CLSA Home Interview and Site Visit

For more information on the home interview and site visit, please visit the participants section of the website.

CLSA Research Update Event
Médicaments et déprescription (Presented in French)
Cognition in the CLSA
Study Participants Ask, Researchers Respond
Mangez mieux pour vivre longtemps (Presented in French)
Living Longer, Living Better - Insights from the CLSA
CLSA Healthy Aging Seminar
Engaging in Aging: A CLSA Q&A
Deciphering Resiliency through the CLSA


What is the connection between wisdom and healthy aging?
COVID-19 and aging adults