COVID-19 Questionnaire Study

The CLSA COVID-19 Questionnaire Study was launched April 15, 2020 to understand the epidemiology of COVID-19 among older Canadians.

Participants were informed about the purpose and scope of the study prior to agreeing to participate. Longitudinal data were collected over eight months. All participants completed an initial 30-minute baseline questionnaire either by web or telephone. Those completing the web-based interview received four consecutive weekly 10-minute questionnaires, while the telephone group received two consecutive biweekly 10-minute questionnaires. This was followed by three 10-minute monthly questionnaires and a final 30-minute exit questionnaire for all participants. The baseline and final exit questionnaire captured information on COVID symptoms and status, risk factors, healthcare use, health behaviours, psychosocial and economic consequences of the pandemic. All other questionnaires were shorter and focussed on symptoms, COVID status, and behaviours.

Data collection for the CLSA COVID-19 Questionnaire Study closed December 30, 2020.

Additional information and descriptive results from the CLSA COVID-19 Questionnaire Study are available through the COVID-19 Questionnaire Study Data Dashboard.

All CLSA questionnaires, including those used for the CLSA COVID-19 Studies, can be found under the Data Collection section of the website.

COVID-19 Questionnaire Study Data Dashboard

Findings from the CLSA COVID-19 Study are now available through an interactive dashboard.

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