The CLSA charges researchers using a partial cost-recovery model. The fees incorporate partial recovery of administrative costs, data processing, data retrieval, and delivery costs incurred by the CLSA as part of the data and biospecimen access process.

The charge for an approved application is CAD $3,000 for researchers based in Canada, and CAD $5,000 for researchers based at institutions outside of Canada. Additional fees of CAD $1,000 apply for access to image files, raw data and datasets that require more complex customization. Please see the table of additional fees below

The CLSA will review this cost-recovery model regularly to ensure that the cost is equitable, balanced, and fair for both the research community and the CLSA. If you have questions about fees associated with certain CLSA data, please email access@clsa-elcv.ca.

*Fee payable when requesting these data in addition to the current data access fee. 

Fee waiver

Graduate students (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) enrolled for their degree at Canadian universities who wish to obtain the CLSA data for the sole purpose of their thesis and postdoctoral fellows (limit 1 waiver per postdoctoral fellow) who wish to obtain the CLSA data for the sole purpose of their postdoctoral project may request a fee waiver. Canadian trainees working outside Canada but funded through a Canadian source are also eligible. Trainees eligible for a fee waiver are also waived the supplemental fee for images and raw data. The request for a fee waiver must be checked in Part 1 of the CLSA Data and Biospecimen Access Request Application.

The CIHR Catalyst Grants for the use of CLSA Data are not eligible for Trainee Fee Waivers.

Fees (Biospecimens)

The cost recovery model for biospecimens is in development. Please contact the Biorepository and Bioanalysis Centre via bbc@clsa-elcv.ca if you have questions.

Fees (DXA and cIMT dicom image files)

The cost recovery model for dicom image files is in development. Please contact the CLSA via access@clsa-elcv.ca if you have questions.