Partnering with the CLSA

Partnership Vision Statement:

Collaborate and Innovate - The CLSA’s partners will enrich the CLSA research platform, and promote and foster its development into a dynamic, rich, comprehensive and unique resource for aging research. This premium resource will result in beneficial rewards for the partners through facilitating rapid adoption of sound research into health practice, programs, policies, services and products that will contribute to healthy aging and enhanced quality of life for older adults.

The CLSA seeks to develop mutually beneficial collaborations with organizations that share our passion for high-quality research, evidence-based decision-making, knowledge translation and developing services and products to benefit the health and well-being of people as they age.

Benefits to partners and supporters can include access to the CLSA for enhanced research capacity and infrastructure, specialized analysis, expert advice and promotion, as well as strengthened research programs and partner networks. The CLSA research platform will enable high-quality research on aging. Data will be available on an ongoing basis for the next 20 years and beyond. As the CLSA platform is multi-disciplinary and has tremendous depth and breadth, it will provide many opportunities for collaboration with a wide variety of partners and supporters that will benefit their goals and vision. Partners can access the CLSA as a rich resource of information, research capacity, infrastructure and its research and partner network for:

  • Research projects, demonstration projects, respect infrastructure
  • Becoming a member of the CLSA network and community
  • Expert advice or specialized analysis
  • Collaborate with other partners and/or longitudinal studies
  • Raising partner's profile as a committed partner in advancing aging research in Canada and internationally