COVID-19 Brain Health Study

The CLSA COVID-19 Brain Study is being led by Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose (University of British Columbia), Dr. Eric Smith (University of Calgary) and Dr. Parminder Raina (McMaster University). The Brain Study also involves many researchers from universities across Canada. The overarching goal of the CLSA COVID-19 Brain Study is to permit better understanding about how COVID-19 affects our cognition and the brain both immediately and in the longer term.

The COVID-19 Brain Health Study is a sub-study of the CLSA, inviting eligible participants to take part by completing a phone interview regarding their cognition, feelings, and lifestyle. It also involves having magnetic resonance images (MRIs) done at a local clinic, as well as the option of completing an olfactory (‘scratch and sniff’) test, and providing a stool sample, both by mail.

Analysing MRIs, stool samples, olfactory tests, and accompanying data collected from participants will allow us to determine the effect of COVID-19 on human cognition and brain health.

The CLSA COVID-19 Brain Health Study is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Weston Family Foundation.