Biorepository and Bioanalysis Centre (BBC)

The Biorepository and Bioanalysis Centre is the central location for storage and analysis of the biological samples collected at each of the Data Collection Sites (DCS). It is located at the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ont. Cynthia Balion, a CLSA co-investigator and associate professor at McMaster University, serves as the centre’s director.

The biorepository consists of 31 cryofreezers that will store approximately five million biological samples (blood and urine) over the course of the study. These freezers are maintained at a controlled temperature (-190C) to ensure the integrity of the samples. There is also an ambient DNA storage system where dried blood on filter paper is stored in multiwell plates. Portable, temperature-controlled nitrogen vessels, called cryoshippers, are sent to the DCS around the country, on a weekly basis, for the transport of biological samples back to the BBC.
The bioanalysis laboratory includes a high-throughput robotic platform, flow cytometer, and other associated equipment for biochemical and cell analysis. The testing will aid in identifying and studying biological markers associated with aging conditions such cognitive decline and frailty.