Data Collection Sites (DCS)

The CLSA's Data Collection Sites are located in SurreyVictoria, VancouverCalgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montréal, Sherbrooke, Halifax and St. John's.

Participants who take part in in-home interviews and visit a DCS have agreed to be part of the comprehensive assessment within the CLSA. Once every three years, CLSA interviewers visit participants in their homes to conduct face-to-face interviews, and schedule their visit to a DCS. At the DCS, participants are asked to undergo additional interviews, cognitive assessments, vision tests, a hearing test and electrocardiography (ECG). Other measurements, such as blood pressure, lung function, carotid artery wall thickness, strength and physical performance, and bone density scans are also taken. Blood and urine samples are also collected (with participant consent) at the DCS.

For further information on a typical DCS visit, review A day at the Data Collection Site page.